SPL Stud Replacement Kit E9X F2X F3X F8X E8X

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Our stud replacement kit is available for those requiring replacement hardware for their front lower control arm per our TSB 23-01. It includes manganese phosphate coated steel shank studs, 304 stainless steel adjustment spacers in 1/4" and 1/8" heights, 304 stainless steel adapter spacer bushings, and plated Nylock nuts. These studs allow for an additional 1/4 inch of roll center correction compared to the previous socket head cap screws.   We're providing these kits at our cost to both end users and dealers.   Applications: 2008-2013 E81, E82, E82M, E87, E88   2006-2013 E90, E91, E92, E93, M-Series   2010 - 2019 F20, F21, F22, F23   2011 - 2020 F30, F31, F32, F3, F34, F36   2014 - 2021 F80, F82, F83, F87     Installation Instructions:   BMW Instructions FLCA G29 FLCA G8X FLCA G2X FLCA G8X IX FLCA F8X FLCA F3X FLCA E9X Ford Instructions FLCA GT350 FLCA GT500 FLCA S550   Chevrolet/Cadillac Instructions FLCA ATS FLCA CAM6