370Z & G37 Rear Toe Links

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For those who have converted to "true" coilovers in the rear suspension (rear spring relocated over shock) and no longer need the mid link to hold the rear springs, our SPL Titaniun series rear toe links replace the stock mid links to provide a wide range of toe adjustment, necessary for lowered cars or for performance alignments.This version of our 370z & G37 toe links are our lightest offering yet!?ÿ They feature?ÿgun drilled 2024 Aluminum center links, 6061-T6 clamps and billet clevises, along with Blue Anodized Titanium socket head cap screws and our 360 degree rotating clamp system. This combination provides superior strength, performance, durability, and ease of adjustment. Long gone are the days of fumbling with wrenches to tighten jam nuts while trying to trying to keep your bearings oriented correctly. A simple 3/16" allen key is all that is required to lock down your alignment settings!?ÿ3 piece FK Bearings rod ends manufactured in Connecticut feature a Teflon liner to provide quiet operation, low friction, smooth articulation and eliminates bushing deflection under load.?ÿ The PTFE liner is chemically bonded to the inner diameter of the race. The liner offers a very high load carrying capacity and has greatly increased dynamic wear characteristics. The operating temperatures of the liner ranges from -65?§?ÿto 325?§F?ÿoffering robust reliability for both street and track usePair with our SPL TITANIUM rear camber links and SPL eccentric lockout kit for total rear camber and toe alignment with "zero-slip". Sold as a pair.Made in the USA. SPL Adjustable 350Z Rear Toe Arms Feature:ƒ?›?ÿ ?ÿ?ÿGun drilled 2024 Aluminum center links to reduce unsprung weightƒ?›?ÿ?ÿ?ÿ Billet 6061 Aluminum clevisesƒ?›?ÿ?ÿ?ÿ CAD Designed with the aid of Finite Element Analysisƒ?›?ÿ ?ÿ Blue Anodized Titanium socket head cap screwsƒ?›?ÿ ?ÿ Low friction 3-piece Teflon lined FK Heim joints/rod ends made in the US Applications: 2009+ Nissan 370Z (Z34) 2007-2008 Infiniti G35 Sedan (V35) 2008+ Infiniti G37 (V36) Need a replacement rod end? SPL Rod Ends ?ÿInstallation Instructions: SPL Rear Toe Links for Z33

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